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Cab Design

Rear Entry Cab Design on 548, 558 & 568 Forest Machines
The rear entry cab is accessed through the backside of the cab vs the side of the machine as in a traditional side-entry cab.  The operator accesses the rear door from the right side of the machine , and the upper structure provides a safe place to stand and enter the cab. The cab is ISO mounted to the riser platform, reducing vibrations for additional operator comfort.

Premium Seat

Heavy Duty Air Suspension
The Forest machines have an updated seat with heavy-duty air suspension.  It is fully adjustable for the operator, including back recline, fore, aft, lumbar, height and tilt angle.  Wide adjustment armrests and integrated joystick provide additional operator comfort. The seat also features heated and cooled functionality The rear entry cab option features a four-point seat belt standard equipment for added safety. The pilot lock-out lever is located on the left side of the seat.

"We're delighted to have the Cat 500 Series Forest Machines working in New Zealand forests" 
~ Wayne Baker, Gough Forestry Industry Sales Manager


New Window Design
The new 548 / 558 Forest machines have a new window design, improving visibility to the work area.  Additional viewing capability is available with the rear entry cab through optimised post-placement and duct-work.  Floor windows provide additional line of site to tracks in shovel logging operations. These windows utilise hinged screens that allow for easy cleaning. Vertical slider windows are located in the back left and right of the cab and allow for fresh air, as they are outfitted with external guards

Climate Control

The HVAC system consists of two units, the primary system in the left rear of the cab and a secondary system in the riser.  The primary system pulls recirculated inlet air from the cab, and it is ducted and blown ot the rear portion of the cab.  The secondary system uses 50% recirculated air and 50% fresh air from outside, and it is ducted and vented toward the front window and front area of the cab from the front corner posts.  No air is drawn from the riser compartment.  Both units are operated by a single Cat controller with four-speed fan

Cat 500 Series Forest Machines are packed with incredible features.

Here we will focus on Operator Comfort.  Keeping your operators comfortable while doing the work is a must.  Happy Operator - Happy Life.

Cat 500 Series Forest Machine Cabs are designed to reduce operator fatigue.  We take operator comfort very seriously and have recently introduced the Rear Entry Cab Option for the Cat 548 LL, 558LL and 568LL  models.  See below for a detailed look at how Cat 500 Series Forest Machine Cabs are first for Operator Comfort.


Rear Entry LED Lights
The rear entry cab features LED lights as standard equipment.  There are four lights on the top front of the cab, two lights on the front of the riser, one light on the left side of the riser, and two lights at the top of the rear of the cab that allows for safe night time access and operation.  There is also a small LED light in the cab riser and two in the cab.  LED lights provide enhanced visibility for nighttime operations.  They are more energy-efficient, last longer and operate at a cooler temperature.


Kit out your cab
Many accessories are available to the operator to increase their comfort during the long hours that they typically spend in a machine.  The cab features two 12-volt and one 24-volt accessory plugs, cell phone booster, satellite radio, Bluetooth capability, iPod accessory jack, sunshade over the front window, two cargo nets for storage, two coat hooks, two cup holders, a pre-wired location for a CB radio, fire extinguisher mount on door, and a boot brush mounted on the machine prior to entering the cab.

An optional signal horn and jump seat are available through the parts system.  Grease gun and tube storage are located in the cab riser for accessibility and to maintain cab cleanliness.

OPERATOR COMFORT is just one of the Cat 500 Series Forest Machine features... Click on a link below to view more details on:




A key fob is standard with all rear entry cabs; this allows the operator to turn on the lights prior to mounting the machine to access the cab, adding another element of safety.

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